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Laurent Schkolnyk
space Laurent Schkolnyk is a French mezzotint artist. He
works in black and white and with three plate color
prints to create his fanciful still-life paintings. His works capture both the spontaneous moment and a world
which hangs outside of time.

Born in Paris in 1953
Studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts [Fine Arts School] at Nantes from 1971 to1978

Exhibits of special note:
1985 Galerie K, Lyon
1985 Galerie de l'Hotel Montfleury, Cannes
1985 Robert Jackson Fine Art, San Francisco
1986 Galerie Bernier, Paris
1986 Galerie Bancho, Tokyo
1987 Galerie Bourlaouen, Nantes
1987 Galerie des Petites Formes, Osaka
1987 Galerie Athena, Saint Brieuc
1989 Galerie des Petites Formes, Osaka
1991 Galerie Breheret, Paris
1992 Galerie des Petites Formes, Osaka
1993 Galerie Sanbi, Tokyo
1993 Galerie Fine Impressions, Seattle
1993 Galerie Joyce £Williams, Vancouver
1993 Galerie Straaten, Chicago
1994 Galerie des Petites Formes, Osaka JAPAN
1994 Galerie Borelly edwards, Pittsburg USA
1993 Galerie Stone & Press, New Orleans USA
1994 Galerie Breheret, Paris FRANCE
1995 Galerie Rolly Michaux, Boston USA
1995 Gallery Neville Sargent, LibertyvilleUSA
1995 Galerie Gerhard Wurser, Houston USA
1995 Galerie Sanbi, Tokyo JAPAN
1996 Galerie des Petites Formes, Osaka JAPAN
1996 Gallery Bunkamura, Tokyo JAPAN
1996 Jean Art Center, SeoulKOREA
1998 Art Case Gallery, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
1998 Tregoning Gallery, ClevelandUSA
1998 Ocean Gallery, BangkokThailand
1999 Lucia Douglas Gallery, BellinghamUSA
1999 Axia Gallery, MelbourneAustralie

2000 Alpers fine art Andover MAUSA

2000 Merril Chase Galleries ChicagoUSA

2001 Buchanan Gallery Galveston USA

2002 Charles Hewitt Gallery Sydney Australia

2003 Saper Galleries East Lansing USA

Museums and collections:
Cabinet des Estampes de la Bibliothèque Nationale [France]
Achenbach Foundation for Arts
Fine Art Museum of San Francisco
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Portland Art Museum
Musée de l'Imprimerie, Nantes [France]
Mineappollis Institute of Art
Cleveland Art Museum

Laurent Schkolnyk - Le teirys des cerises
"Le teirys des cerises"

Laurent Schkolnyk - L' e'ventail
"L' e'ventail"

Laurent Schkolnyk - Le chant du monde
"Le chant du monde"

Laurent Schkolnyk - Hommage to Matisse
"Hommage to Matisse"


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