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Ricco DiStefano
space I feel my paintings should take the viewer to another place, and even another time. My landscapes give me the opportunity to interpret deep feelings and strong memories of valuable moments in my own life. Drawing on my love of my native Eastern Washington, many of my works are not literal views, but idyllic windows to a specific feeling. My work often takes into account the ambient sounds that color a moment, as well as the visual. I intend for collectors to be reminded of special times in their own lives. It’s important to me that there is a feeling of movement or animation in my work. My use of shadows allows me to do just that, as the shadow represents a fleeting moment in time. The shadowman is not intended as a literal image, but rather a reflection or
the shadow of one’s spirit. I was born into a family of artists, both visual and musical. As an artistic child, boredom was a foreign concept to me. My passion is to take the moments that happen in my mind and share them with the world. In doing so, I hope to provoke thought or inspiration, or just a momentary escape for the viewer. I feel stronger than ever that – as William Shakespeare wrote in Macbeth –“Life’s but a walking shadow.” We can only experience life, moments at a time. We cannot control time, and it stops for no one. As an artist, I try to leave my personal stamp on this temporary world, hopefully giving something beautiful as a gift for those who follow.
Ricco DiStefano - Almos

Ricco DiStefano - Global Tiger Day 2014 - Prints Available
"Global Tiger Day 2014 - Prints Available"

Ricco DiStefano - Hello Cruel World
"Hello Cruel World"

Ricco DiStefano - Every Great Man
"Every Great Man"

Ricco DiStefano - I Feel Like Bustin' Loose
"I Feel Like Bustin' Loose"

Ricco DiStefano - Ancestral Fire
"Ancestral Fire"

Ricco DiStefano - Just Like That
"Just Like That"

Ricco DiStefano - Why Was I Worried
"Why Was I Worried"

Ricco DiStefano - The Fourth Shadow Man
"The Fourth Shadow Man"

Ricco DiStefano - The Stand
"The Stand"

Ricco DiStefano - The Return of Sammy
"The Return of Sammy"

Ricco DiStefano - Peaceful Warrior
"Peaceful Warrior"

Ricco DiStefano - Fast Friends
"Fast Friends"

Ricco DiStefano - She Could Play All Day
"She Could Play All Day"

Ricco DiStefano - Responsibility

Ricco DiStefano - A Simple Request
"A Simple Request"

Ricco DiStefano - Self Portrait
"Self Portrait"


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