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Patricia Doherty
space Pat's bright, playful work takes food as the subject matter for contemporary paintings. She is drawn to simple objects, most notably desserts, and likes to establish good color relationships between light and shadow. Her focus is on color, texture, and graphic compositions that are pleasing to the eye. She favors the thickly textured impasto technique, and applies thick paint with a brush or palette knife.

Pat has been fortunate to have the opportunity to combine a professional career as a graphic designer with an avocation and passion for the arts.

After graduating from Gonzaga University, her artistic evolution has included art director at two major magazines, including San Francisco; senior art director at a design firm; and as an independent freelance art director and designer working with clients around the country. Over the last decade, she has transitioned from the commercial arena into the fine arts.

People say her paintings make them smile, and she is delighted they have that effect. A third generation San Franciscan, Pat now resides in Marin County, California.
Patricia Doherty - Princess Cake
"Princess Cake"

Patricia Doherty - Smoked Salmon Roll
"Smoked Salmon Roll"

Patricia Doherty - Cherry Mousse
"Cherry Mousse"

Patricia Doherty - Three Sushi Rolls
"Three Sushi Rolls"

Patricia Doherty - Six Sushi Rolls
"Six Sushi Rolls"

Patricia Doherty - Sushi Rolls II
"Sushi Rolls II"

Patricia Doherty - Sushi Rolls III
"Sushi Rolls III"

Patricia Doherty - Lemon Meringue Pie
"Lemon Meringue Pie"

Patricia Doherty - Five Choices
"Five Choices"


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