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Jennifer Bartlett
Artist: Jennifer Bartlett, Title: House, Dots and Hatches - click for larger image
House, Dots and Hatches
30 x 30 Inches  Limited Edition Original Print - Serigraph  Sold
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The Smithsonian Associates published the fine-art print House: Dots, Hatches in collaboration with Jennifer Bartlett. The colorful silkscreen print presents a seemingly simple image of a red house camouflaged by brightly colored dots and hatches within a loose grid pattern, which creates a confetti-like screen. The intense primary colors and highly active patterns make this a dynamic and exciting image, which is reflective of Ms. Bartlett's interest in the way the mind organizes ideas and visual information. "House-Dots and Hatches" is a 23 Color Screenprint and measures 38 x 38 inches(sheet)and 30 x 30 inches (image). I was completed in 1999 with an Edition of 150 plus 50 Artist Proofs "Being that the ‘house¹ is a quintessential Bartlett image, this joyfully vibrant print, using heavily laid glossy and matte inks, is an excellent addition to virtually any environment.” "An enormously popular print which completely sold out within 6 months of its release.”