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Markus Pierson
Artist: Markus Pierson, Title: Know Limit - click for larger image
Know Limit
45 x 61.5 Inches  Limited Edition Lithograph  $15950 Framed
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29" x 46" image size This inimitable image entices us to question what we think are life's limits challenges us to push past them, insisting that we strive to reach our potential. The piece reads: “Like everyone else I was told my future had no limit. While it was true for some, for myself - I knew better. So instead I simply set out to find it. And once I had, to push against it and try my best to move it. More like a bull than an eagle, just stubbornly plodding along. Looking back now, I can't believe what I've done, where I've been. So I say to you these two simple words; not no limit - but KNOW LIMIT.”