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River Rock and Desert Bloom
"River Rock and Desert Bloom" Robert Minuzzo and Kim Walker
Robert Minuzzo
October 6, 2021 - November 7, 2021
No Reception Planned


We are pleased to offer the paintings by California painter Robert Minuzzo and Arizona painter Kim Walker as they offer you a glimpse into their artistic worlds and passions of fly fishing holes and desert flora.


The works included in this exhibit by Minuzzo are renditions of Rocks from the rivers he has visited to fish. An active fly fisherman, he was always captivated with the stunning natural graphics of the rocks which are magnified under water. They provide perfect models for his shimmering abstractions on canvas.


Walker's paintings are intended to be a reflection of the beauty and the comfort of the gifts found in nature and especially of those found in the desert.   Her feeling is that connections to nature are indispensable to all people.  Her artwork takes her on a spiritual journey as she seeks and collect natural elements, which she then incorporates into her mixed-media compositions.  Most works of art are done on either domestic or exotic woods from all parts of the world.  Walker treasures both the symbolic and the tangible connections of using these woods as the foundation of her paintings.