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Group Exhibit
Group Exhibit - Introducing Doug Martindale and Ken Wachtveitl
Kathleen Hooks
June 10, 2009 - July 5, 2009
6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

           We are pleased to introduce two new artists to the gallery and look forward to a long and healthy relationship as we represent their works.

Doug Martindale creates moody and rhythmic landscapes in pastel of Eastern Washington and the rolling hillsides of the Santa Inez Valley in California.

In the early 90's, Martindale attended a show of soft pastel landscapes by Susan Bennerstrom, an accomplished master northwest pastel artist. He was so inspired by her work that he took an intensive workshop in soft chalk pastel painting from Bennerstrom and he was hooked with the pure, intense color and richness of the medium. Additionally, he was intrigued with the prospect of expanding his artistic expression with the use of landscapes as his subject matter. This proved to be a creatively unrestrictive, exciting new direction with which he could further pursue his craft.

It is in his pastel paintings that Martindale feels he has finally found his true "niche" in his method of artistic expression. His idealistic interpretation of the landscapes he paints transcends the viewer into a timeless, perfect space. One can clearly see the incredible attention to detail in his work. The rich, bold color variations and dramatic compositions continue to be alive, sumptuous and compelling. Yet, Martindale's success reaches far beyond his own self fulfillment with his craft, for his work is admired worldwide.

Ken Wachtveitl has been drawing most of his life. At the age of 16 he began using a technique usually referred to as "stipple." He started doing stipple after looking closely at a photograph in a newspaper realizing that the photo was made up of several thousands of dots and thought he would try drawing using only dots.

While choosing stone tiles for his home, Ken began to see a subtle or softness quality as well as the natural beauty stone can deliver. "Looking closely at stone you can sometimes begin to see images just as you can when you study the clouds as they move across the sky". Ken thought "Why couldn't a person add or force an image into the stone".

While keeping with the natural beauty and an element of subtle softness stone can bring, Ken has decided on the natural beauty of figurative nudes as his subject matter. "While stone is completely natural it seem only fitting that the image should be completely natural as well. I find it very interesting that a matter as hard as stone can be so soft and pleasant to look at." Using this unique medium it is my hope to add to the natural beauty of the stone and to inspire you with emotion while showing the powerfulness and sensuality of the human body and its connection with nature.

Kathleen Hooks
Radiant Sky
11 x 14 Inches  Oil on Canvas
Kathleen Hooks
Morning Chill
15 x 30 Inches  Oil on Canvas
$ 2750 US
Kathleen Hooks
Stormy Hour
10 x 15 Inches  Oil on Canvas
$ 1250 US
Kathleen Hooks
Reluctant Dawn
16 x 20 Inches  Oil on Canvas
$ 2200 US