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April Group Exhibit
April Group Exhibit
Dan Larsen
April 10, 2013 - May 5, 2013
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

           Continuing with our desire to offer as  many  of  our  artist's  works   as  we  can during the year we  are  pleased  to  exhibit  an  excellent   selection  of past and new  works  this  month  by  Gallery  Artists.
On display are a  great selection of works held over from Svetlana  Shalygina's exhibit "Personal Spaces - Deux" and few works by Ken Grant.
We  have just returned from New York and some of the new paintings  purchased there have already arrived and been sold, but come in and see  what's new.
Warhol, Motherwell, Dage and soon to be in, works by Elise Remender.
We   have added a new sculptor to the gallery and would like to welcome   Peter Conze. His kinetic sculptures are clean, defined and very well   crafted. Come in and take a look.
Also, see new works by Dan Larsen as well as the newest release from Dr. Seuss and  reoccurring works by Thom Ross.                            

Dan Larsen
55.5 x 38 Inches  Modified Synthetic Oil Resin on Aluminum
$ 6500 US
Dan Larsen
Flights of Fancy
50 x 69 Inches  Modified Synthetic Oil Resin on Aluminum
$ 10250 US
Dan Larsen
Heart of the Matter
55 x 38 Inches  Modified Synthetic Oil Resin on Aluminum