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Doug Martindale - New Pastels
Doug Martindale - "New Pastels" We will be closed until further notice, but happy to meet anyone interested in viewing these new works by appointment or in home delivery.
Doug Martindale   
Artwork Available March 14, 2020 - Extended Exhibit to at least May 8, 2020

Please join us for an Extended Exhibition of works by Doug Martindale as we navigate around  circumstances beyond our control.

The new artwork by Martindale will be up and ready to purchase by Friday March 13th.  

We thoughtfully have decided not to have a public opening at this time, but will happily welcome you individually or in small groups anytime and we will offer the work for two months to accommodate any schedules.

Both artist and dealer still need to make a living and we appreciate your continued support during this two month exhibit and difficult environment.

We hope to have Doug Martindale in attendance for an Open House sometime in April or May after things settle down.
We will keep you posted.

While life in the Northwest and across the Nation currently isn't what we are used to we clearly have to learn as we go.  We hope that by extending our exhibit with Doug Martindale for two months will allow our loyal collectors and new ones to visit over a longer period of time and for our small business to continue by being as flexible as possible.

We are happy to work by appointment anytime and can limit the number of people in the gallery easily upon your visit if you are at all concerned.

Please make an effort to come out to see these beautiful pastels. Martindale has put a substantial amount of effort into their creation and framing presentation and you won't be disappointed.

Doug Martindale was born and raised in Spokane, WA.  After deciding to pursue art as his life-long career, Martindale moved to Seattle, WA and was accepted into Cornish College of the Arts, a highly regarded private arts college in 1981.  There he studied closely with numerous talented instructors, focusing mainly on illustration.  Here, he learned the importance of attention to fine detail in his work.

Martindale received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Cornish in 1986.   He began producing artwork and successfully selling it upon graduation from art school, but it was in the early 90's that his craft really clicked for him.  He was on an art walk in Seattle, when he happened upon a show featuring the work of Susan Bennerstrom, an accomplished northwest pastel artist.  He was so inspired that he took an intensive workshop in soft chalk pastel painting from Bennerstrom.  He was hooked with the pure, intense color and richness of the medium.  Having always been an enthusiast of landscape paintings, he used this as his means of subject matter with which to pursue his newly found love for pastels as his primary medium for his art.

It is in his pastel paintings that Martindale feels he has really found his true niche in his method of artistic expression.  His idealistic interpretation of the landscapes he paints transcends the viewer into a timeless, perfect space.  One can clearly see the incredible attention to detail in his work.  The rich, bold color variations and dramatic compositions continue to be alive, sumptuous and compelling.  Doug's amazing body of work over the years has been purchased by numerous private and public collectors, including the Microsoft Corporation, Nordstrom department stores, Chateau Ste. Michelle wineries, and the Radisson hotel chain.  His work at one point was also featured in a segment of "Entertainment Tonight".

Doug Martindale continues to portray the gift of nature to all in his collection of engaging imagery.  He has gone on to build an impressive portfolio of his original pastel paintings and limited edition giclees and lithographs, for which there seems to be an ever growing demand.

After selling his work in numerous art galleries while living in Seattle, WA and Palm Springs, CA for over a couple of decades, Doug has relocated to his hometown of Spokane, WA, where he now resides.   If not busy working in his art studio, he can be found delivering new works of art to the Spokane Art Museum, (The MAC) or instructing classes at the Spokane Art School.

Please come out and enjoy these beautiful Northwest scenes and consider adding one to your collection.

Shopping online with us still requires a phone call to the Gallery for payment.
Please Call:

Solitary Grove
22 x 25 Inches  Pastel on Paper
$ 1300 US
Last Light on the Palouse
42 x 50 Inches  Pastel on Paper
$ 3200 US
Nightfall on the Palouse
35 x 40 Inches  Pastel on Paper
$ 3000 US
Golden Maple
26 x 31 Inches  Pastel on Paper
$ 1700 US
Sunset over Canola Fields
42 x 36 Inches  Pastel on Paper
$ 3200 US
Golden Plains
22 x 25 Inches  Pastel on Paper
$ 1300 US
Crimson Oak
43 x 39 Inches  Pastel on Paper
$ 3200 US
Reflections of Autumn
42 x 38 Inches  Pastel on Paper
$ 3200 US
Stream of Consciousness
36 x 46 Inches  Pastel on Paper
$ 3200 US
Birch Drive
31 x 40 Inches  Limited Edition Print - Giclee on Paper
$ 1500 US
Bales of Gold
42 x 35 Inches  Limited Edition Print - Giclee on Paper
$ 1500 US
Moonlit Pond
44 x 33 Inches  Limited Edition Print - Giclee on Paper
$ 1500 US
Full Moon over the Palouse
44 x 33 Inches  Limited Edition Print - Giclee on Paper
$ 1500 US
Beyond the Old Birch
42 x 36 Inches  Limited Edition Print - Giclee on Paper
$ 1500 US