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"Vessels" Jolene Sunding
Introducing -Jolene Sunding "Vessels"
Jolene Sunding
Thursday May 11, 2023 - Sunday June 11, 2023
6:00 - 8:00 pm

  We are pleased to welcome our newest artist. Jolene Sunding to Kirkland with a Vernissage and Meet the Artist Event this month.

Jolene Sunding is a painter and former graphic designer living in the Pacific Northwest creating contemporary art and design. She works in acrylic or watercolor, painting semi-abstractly with mark making at the end using oil pastels, acrylic pens, markers, and varied implements dipped in paint.

For some time, she has been interested in ideas related to mixing abstract elements with more realistic interpretations of subjects. The common thread in her art is the acknowledgment of the range of emotions we experience as humans on a scale of joy to grief.

Her most recent works revolve around "Vessels".

"In this series of semi-abstract paintings, I wanted to explore the idea of the human experience and self, as vessels. After all, there are many similar attributes; we hold things in, we pour things out, and we are all sizes, shapes, and colors. With every brush stroke I am considering the range of emotions we humans deal with. Where do we put them and what do we do with them? My sense is that we can be open to all the possibilities and fill the cracks with healing, hope, joy and gratitude. My observations inform the subject—Layers and mark making inform the result—Intuition is the guide."

Sunding graduated from Black Hills State University in 1992 with a degree in commercial art and a minor in fine art.  In 1999 she moved to Port Townsend from the Black Hills of South Dakota. Artistic opportunities and support in Port Townsend are plentiful where she discovers new ways of expressing herself evolving all the time. This in turn pushes her forward to be more prolific, learn new techniques, and to improve with each effort. She happily takes full advantage of her creative license to work in a variety of styles. The results are a rewarding personal journey. Jolene has had paintings accepted into gallery shows since 2002.


Please Be Seated
48 x 60 Inches  Acrylic on Panel
$ 5000 US
24 x 18 Inches  Acrylic on Board
$ 600 US
40 x 30 Inches  Acrylic on Panel
$ 3000 US
Fitting the Pieces Back Together
32 x 40 Inches  Acrylic on Panel
24 x 18 Inches  Acrylic on Panel
$ 600 US
24 x 18 Inches  Acrylic on Panel
$ 600 US
36 x 28 Inches  Acrylic on Panel
$ 3000 US
32 x 36 Inches  Acrylic on Panel
$ 3000 US
48 x 60 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 5000 US