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Jean-Claude Gaugy
Artist: Jean-Claude Gaugy, Title: Le Repas - click for larger image
Le Repas
24 x 18 Inches  Limited Edition Original Print- Etching with Embossing and Hand Coloring  $3600 Unframed
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Purchase from Us or on and we will Crate and Ship anywhere in the continental US (Washington State deliveries will be required to add 9.5% Sales Tax) for $3600. Expressionism means the manipulation of material to derive emotion, feelings, and/or spiritual content, and is frequently seen in the "painterly" aspects of artwork. Linear Expressionism relies primarily on lines to achieve the expressive elements of the artwork, such as rhythm, compositional relationships, texture, volume, etc. It should be noted that, in art, lines are the essence of form,and as such, are a rigorous limitation - if the line is not exact, the essence is lost. Jean-Claude Gaugy is a French artist born in 1944 whose Linear Expressionist carved paintings have been commissioned by major corporations and institutions. He studied at l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, was discovered by Salvador Dali, apprenticed with Henry Moore, and exhibited his work at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. His sophisticated images of linear figures are carved and painted on wood with strong, interwoven colors. Le Repas is in an editon of 65.