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6/7/2020 UPDATE

We are Essential Again!

Open for Business!

Beginning Sunday June 7th

As we look back over the past 3 months of a historic worldwide pandemic that has crippled small and large businesses alike we are thankful for being healthy, still able to be in business and that we followed the rules of those wiser than us and can hopefully look forward to the new normal.

We still need to do business and we welcome you back into our gallery with a few adjustments for that new normal.

• Wearing Masks: With a King County directive to wear masks in public, we would appreciate you respecting that request. We will be wearing masks in respect of your health and well being and would like to think that you feel the same way about us and other retailers.

• Feeling Sick: Please don't come in and we will see you when you are better. We will not be monitoring your tempature, but please respect those around you if you're not feeling well.

• Appointments Welcome: We are allowed to offer you 30 minutes of private continuous viewing and conversation. Those that know what the "Barbershop" is, will sadly have to wait until phase 3 or after hours. Walk in viewing has the same 30 minute restrictions. Want privacy and uninterupted viewing? Just ask and your time can become private by locking the door.

• Customer Attendance: Our new space is very small and we are unable to accommodate nearly the numbers of the past and we will have to limit the number of indiduals to 4 at a time.

• Touch With Your Eyes: We will be sanitizing after each visitor as we can, but the handling of artwork isn't necessary.

• Privacy Guards: We have installed a privacy guard for you comfort at the reception desk with a pen sanitizer to write those big checks carefree.

• Artwork pick up: We are happy to meet you at curbside, you can walk out with your purchase or we can even deliver to you after hours. Don't forget that we have an abundance of available works on our website.

• March, April & May's Exhibit: While our March exhibit of beautiful pastels by Spokane artist, Doug Martindale went unseen over the past 3 months, his work is now gone, but perhaps we can reschedule exhibiting his work in the next year.

• Current Exhibit: June 7 - July 8 We are revisiting several works by Dimitriy Gritsenko, Jurgen Gorg, Mark Gatewood, The Bisaillon Brothers and of course The Art of Dr. Seuss!

• July & August Exhibit: July 11 - September 9 "Welcome to the Neighborhood"  New works by Brad Caplis and Mark Skullerud.

• Exhibition Schedule: We will be broadening our artist exhibition schedule and exhibiting works over a Two Month period until further notice. It's been a tough start to 2020, so let's give our artists a fair shot and come out and support them.

• Business Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10:30-6:00 Sunday Noon - 5:00pm Warm Evenings and Mondays by Chance.

Thank you to everyone who supported us these past 3 months with purchases or just checking in. We appreciate it more than you know.

While these unpresidented events have taken a toll on us financially we are currently working hard to remedy that and will be here to serve you the very best we can.

Thank you for your continued support!

"Buy Art - It Will Make You Feel Better"

Celebrating 35 Years in Business

Exhibitions 2019

3/16/2020 UPDATE

We have decided to follow the lead of many other responsible landlords and retailers such as Bellevue Square and the recommendations of The State of Washington to close our business until early April as a precaution to contracting and spreading the Covid-19 virus.

While such a drastic step will undoubtedly bring financial harm to the health of our business, the consequences could be far more severe if we ignored the requests. We hope to navigate our business back to success again when all this is over.

In the meantime, I am fortunate to live only minutes away from the gallery and have no problem in meeting anyone for a private appointment to view or facilitate a purchase. We have a beautiful new exhibit up with pastels by Eastern WA artist Doug Martindale that are still unseen by the public.

Just like we will be utilizing take out and delivery from our local restaurants in support of their business for as long as possible, we also look forward to assisting anyone interested in viewing artwork during this difficult time. Who knows...Maybe Buying Art really does make you feel better!

425.283.0461 for Appointments

We wish everyone the very best health and a swift economic recovery. We are all in this together!

Moved to Kirkland November 2019

Good Things Come in Small Packages!

It certainly isn’t without some heartache, but also with a sigh of relief that after 11 years in a challenging Bellevue location it has come time to move and downsize back to Kirkland.

It has been a pleasure in many ways to have been part of the Bellevue Collection and the Kemper Development Corporation family and I will always be thankful for the opportunity of being able to build a beautiful gallery on their property and sustain it for 11 years, but retail is changing as we know it, space for some types of businesses have become  unaffordable and the buying population has changed dramatically.
With retirement looming, it really isn’t in the cards just yet, but shortened hours, no opening or closing restrictions and a smaller space in a great Kirkland waterfront location is.
We will be open in Kirkland at 92 Kirkland Ave. Kirkland, WA 98033 by November 3, 2019 and look forward to seeing some familiar faces as well as meeting some new friends.  Everything else stays the same.

With a smaller gallery, the “Clubhouse / Barber Shop” of comfortable seating and interesting conversations along with the parties of the past (we did have some good ones!) will probably be limited, but all spaces in time create their own personalities, their own memories and fond remembrances. We will just have to create new ones in this tiny new space.

I guess it’s OK to get old, slow down a bit and still be able to do what you love.  While I thought about just moving back into an office from where I started in 1985 on Lake Bellevue, it was important to keep the works of Dr. Seuss and my exclusive dealership in the State of Washington and the artwork that has done so well for me over the past 11 years.

There are several requirements for being a dealer for the Art of Dr. Seuss program and one is having a storefront. So, with the help of longtime Kirkland friends, Doug Davis and Bonnie Lindberg of Hallmark Realty in Kirkland, Jeff Schuffman of the Chase Art Group/ The Art of Dr. Seuss and my commercial RE friend Geordy Rostad we found the perfect solution to bridge downsizing, exhibiting limited artist’s works and a continuing representation of the Art of Dr. Seuss in a great location near the marina with incredible foot traffic…albeit small.

92 Kirkland Ave is the space that used to belong to my friend Jon Hesse of Bikini Beach right next to The Shop and across the street from another friend’s restaurant, The Raw Bar. Not so bad!
I am excited to be heading back in Kirkland, where walking to work (no more paid monthly parking), cocktails at Jasmine’s Raw Bar (amongst a plethora of others) and walking to the marina for a sail on Matisse will all be a welcome improvement to my life.

I still have to sell artwork to make a living, that is just a fact of life, but I will continue to offer interesting works to collect, support the artists that have been with me for years, create new collectors, dealers and artist relationships, just from a smaller space. After all…”Good Things Come in Small Packages”.

Please wish me luck on the last leg of a career that has lasted 37 years supporting the arts and artists and continue to pass the good word.

Warm Regards,
Celebrating 35 Years in Business

Exhibitions 2020

January... ...........The Art of Dr. Seuss
February. ............Dimitriy Gritsenko
March.... .............Closed  
April....... ............Closed
May....... .............Closed
June....... .............Group Exhibit - Reopening

Please be aware that we are going to a 2 month Exhibit Rotation until further notice.

July and August ..Brad Caplis and Mark Skullrud
Sept and Oct..... ..Doug Martindale
Nov and Dec.... ..The Art of Dr. Seuss
Join us for A VERNISSAGE every Month for a New Exhibit and Artist Reception. Times and Dates to be announced

Be sure to check our website or get on our mailing list for Special Events that are on a little more personal level. It is a great time…come on out!

Meet the Artist events as of now are scheduled for the 2nd Saturday of each month at 2 pm - 6 pm.
Miscellaneous News

Why Art Galleries Are Important
By Jason Landry

“Merde! I absolutely detest all openings and parties! They’re commercial, political and everybody talks too much. They get on my tits!”
~Joan Miró

The gallery model, as we know it, is flawed. Dramatic changes have affected how we view, experience and acquire art. Does anyone else see this, and if so, are you concerned with it?

People used to get excited to go to a gallery, meet an artist in person and experience a work of art. Now, with almost every image an artist makes available on the internet, more people can view the work online and decide if they like it enough to leave their house to visit the gallery, or attend the opening reception, or just stay in to watch another night of reality television. I guess there is also the flip side: maybe the artist sees marketing the work to a critical mass over the web beneficial to their career. Or maybe it’s the collector who would like to see the work online first to get a sense of what they might want to acquire. What’s really driving this art market — artists, collectors, galleries? We’ll save the answer to that question for another post.

Artists and dealers know that art must be experienced in person to truly get a sense of its magnitude — it’s the outsiders who don’t get that. This is another benefit of visiting an art gallery. Viewing artwork on the Internet is like walking by a gallery on a rainy night and wiping the fog from the glass to get a peek. You think you can see the art but there is a barrier obscuring your vision — distance from the actual art piece can distort your perception, and not being able to see how a work of art hangs or is displayed next to or near other works of art — that can be an issue too. We’d hate for you to finally take delivery of your newest conversation piece just to find out it doesn’t fit where you wanted it, or the color clashes too much with your chartreuse drapes. Most art is non-refundable.

The gallery used to be a place to go to meet up with friends and exchange ideas and build community. Patrons and students alike would come to see a show and then talk about it with their peers the next day. The arts community has grown to be less real and more superficial because of things like social media and sites like Facebook. With all the good that social media does as a marketing tool for galleries, artists and the arts as a whole, it also removes something from the art world equation: community.

Galleries are one such place to build a community — a real, true social network — your art ecosystem, and that is important. It’s been this way forever. Warm body introductions are important. Social networks on the internet are okay to rack up followers or friends, but a great quote that I read in the book The Start-Up of You by Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn states, “There is a big difference between being the most connected person and being the best connected person.” My network came from the schools that I attended, but also through the artists, collectors, patrons, mentors, educators, curators and publishers that I bumped into at gallery openings and other art-related events along the way. Now that I am an art dealer, I don’t get out to openings like I did in the past. When I happened to go to a recent First Friday’s gallery event in Boston, it was great to run into old friends. It reminded me of what I love about the arts and I will stress it here again: the community.

Fact: There is definitely a different experience meeting someone in person, rather than just looking at their photograph on a website. Just ask the thousands who think they have found their soul mate on sites like, and then realize they look nothing like their picture when they finally meet up for a date. The same goes true for looking at and experiencing a piece of art in a gallery. Before you click that ‘buy’ button on one of those online websites that sell art, go visit and support your local art galleries and experience what can happen. You may just be surprised at what you see, whom you meet, and what you will learn.

Follow Jason Landry on Twitter:

Congratulations to Jaime Ellsworth for her inclusion into "100 Artists of the Northwest" by E. Ashely Rooney.

The works of 100 contemporary artists interpret and provide a fresh look at the artistic vibrancy of the Northwest region of the United States. The states of Oregon and Washington are rich with artists, having become vital art scenes in the past several decades. Using sculpture, glass, oil, clay, wood, and other contemporary mediums, as well as paint, these 21st century artists combine, redesign, and transform their materials into pieces of works that change the way we perceive both the regions of the Northwest and the world. With a guide to galleries, sculpture parks, museums, and schools, this book is a wonderful resource for lovers of all art mediums

E. Ashley Rooney, of Lexington, Massachusetts, has written several art books; this is her fifth in the "100 Artists" series. She has established a solid reputation for her architectural, design, and historical works.

See You In The Funny Papers

My mother always said “see you in the funny papers” and alas, she finally saw me there. On Mother’s Day May 13, 2001, The Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery appeared nationally in a wonderful 3 panel Sunday edition of the comic strip Ziggy by Tom Wilson. In the title panel, Ziggy is looking up at his home’s blank walls with his dog, exclaiming “Our house is lacking artistic ambience” In the next panel, Ziggy says “… We need some art in here”  “…art is one of the essentials of life!”  “FOOD, WATER, SHELTER and ART” he exclaims with arms waving. The third panel has a very distinguished art dealer standing in a gallery talking to Ziggy “…Welcome to the Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery…is there anything I can show you?” Ziggy answers “…yes, I’d like to see something in a paisley to match my sofa!!” The very distinguished art dealer only sighs and of course finds Ziggy exactly what he was looking for. We are never too stuffy to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Ziggy has a new book out as of November 2003, Ziggy Goes Hollywood features many of his most recent successful comic strips....and yes....we made the cut. Read the Gallery comic on page 114. Wouldn't that make a great gift?

Many thanks for that great plug to our friend Tom Wilson and Tom II for their support and great comic strip.
Matisse is back!

While “Matisse” the mistress of the gallery in the 1990's was  sold back in the early 2002, a new "Matisse" has taken her spot in 2018.  

Matisse is a lovely 1969 30’ Shields daysailer that is a welcome addition to the gallery and clients. Easily one of the prettiest boats on the lake, she will be sailed often as we make our move to Kirkland in late 2019.