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Joe Gallo
Artist: Joe Gallo, Title: Grace - click for larger image
20 x 29 Inches  Limited Edition Print - Giclee on Paper  $945 Framed
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“Like a well-oiled machine, Hubble's optics, science instruments, and spacecraft systems work together to capture light from the cosmos, convert it into digital data, and transmit it back to Earth.” The Hubble Telescope is the quintessential contribution to human understanding of the cosmos. It has successfully corroborated many of what were once merely suspicions by astronomers. It is responsible for the creation of the most detailed images ever created by humankind. Combining black white 35mm photos from 1969 with the highly defined images from space is a complicated undertaking artistically. The Hubble images must be digitally repainted to properly backdrop the original source photographic image. Joe Gallo has utilized his forty years of experience as an artist to generate this homage to Jimi Hendrix. “The same mindset that envisioned my contribution to Victor Vasarely through handmade paper in the early 90's is very much the same as combining Bob Martins original black and white photos with that of Hubble deep space imagery, one doesn’t easily lend itself to the other. The hard part is to not just give the end result relevance but to substantiate that relevance in a way that its intention is not questioned. Paper from our factory allowed Vasarely to add a physical new dimension to his work. What is now happening with my Jimi Hendrix art is very much the same. Jimi inset in deep space is a graphic depiction of Jimi's sonic palette. Jimi Hendrix is fully explained for all too see him as I do. Melding the two very different types of photography is the tricky part, this is where utilizing today’s photography tools, coupled with fine digital hand painting, make the end result not only credible but adds new dimension to envisioning this historically significant guitar player. Jimi loved science fiction. This work celebrates his love for that. I hope he digs it!” - Joe Gallo