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LeRoy Neiman
Artist: LeRoy Neiman, Title: In the Pocket 1988 - click for larger image
In the Pocket 1988
28 x 38 Inches  Screenprint  $4800 Framed
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On a pleasant, sun-filled afternoon on the final day of January, 1988, the Washington Redskins and the Denver Broncos gathered in San Diego's Jack Murphy stadium to decide the professional football championship. LeRoy Neiman was there, recording the action on the field. The artist first paced on sideline and later the other, furiously sketching the contest from every angle. "In the Pocket" depicts a crucial play during the second quarter. The serigraph shows quarterback Doug Williams, arm cocked to release yet another pass to favorite target Ricky Sanders, sheltered in a protective pocket formed by teammates Jacoby, May, Thielemann and Didier from onrushing Broncos including Ryan, Meckleenberg and Jones. Neiman's artistry brings the viewer right on top of the line of scrimmage. His bright, penetrating colors help reduce the game to its essentials: hitting, tackling, running, throwing. And his choice of subjects highlight Super Bowl XXII's key elements. The contest was decided not only by strength, but by deception. Neiman places Redskin running back Timmy Smith at the center of the image, plunging forward without the ball. After a successful 50 yard post pattern beating injured free safety Tony Lilly, Sanders explained: "We set them up with the run. The pass was a sucker play after a good run fake." LeRoy Neiman captures the color and feel of the championship game from the ground up, while bringing to the viewer an exciting scene from the highest scoring quarter in football playoff history. His balanced treatment affords the Broncos, a due measure of respect for their part in this final game of the season.