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Rembrandt van Rijn
Artist: Rembrandt  van Rijn, Title: Clement  de Jonghe, Print Seller - click for larger image
Clement de Jonghe, Print Seller
8.2 x 6.5 Inches  Encaustic on Paper  
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This work is signed and dated in the plate by Rembrandt, 'Rembrandt f. 1651 Large and wonderful portrait, a dark impression in excellent condition! Reflecting one of Rembrandt’s regal posed portraits, Clement de Jonghe, Print Seller, is a stately rendering of a somber man. Through the use of positioning and carefully etched shadows, Rembrandt creates a mysterious and alluring portrait of Clement de Jonghe. The full brim hat casts long shadows on Jonghe’s face, while the deep folds of his cloak nestle together, adding depth and girth to the subject. Jonghe’s expression is somewhat foreboding and all together mysterious. There is a sense that Rembrandt was mesmerized by his sitter, as he has chosen to represent him in this intriguing manner. Catalogue Raisonné & COA: Referenced in the below catalogue raisonnés and texts 1. Nowell-Usticke, G.W., Rembrandt’s Etchings, 1988, listed as B 272. 2. Hind, Arthur, A Catalogue of Rembrandt’s Etchings, 1967, listed as cat no 251. 3. Biörklund, George, Rembrandt’s Etchings: True and False, 1968, listed as BB 51-C. 4. Dickey, Stephanie S., Rembrandt: Portraits in Print, 2004. Listed as plate 155 on pg. 309, 5. Schwartz, Gary, Rembrandt: All the etchings reproduced in true size, 1977, listed and illustrated as B 272. 6. White, Christopher and Boon, Karel, Rembrandt’s Etchings, Vol. 1, 1969, listed as B 272. 7. White, Christopher and Boon, Karel, Rembrandt’s Etchings, Vol. 2, 1969, listed as B 272. 8. White, Christopher. Rembrandt as an Etcher. Plates, listed as cat. no. 189.