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Annual Holiday Group Exhibit
Home for the Holidays - A Group Exhibit
Laurent Schkolnyk
December 12, 2007 - January 6, 2008
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery is pleased to offer a Holiday Exhibit by gallery artists for our 22nd Anniversary.

The Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery is a small and intimate space located in the heart of Kirkland's waterfront district on Lake Street South. Opening first in Bellevue in 1985 as a resource for collectors looking to purchase original prints by International artists such as Chagall, Miro, Motherwell, and Warhol from a competent and honest art dealer it moved to it's current location in Kirkland in 1991. Since then, it has become one of Kirkland's oldest galleries. With an emphasis on whimsical and expressionist work, local patrons frequently choose the Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery as Kirkland's favorite gallery.

The family of artists that continue to show at the gallery are innovative, thoughtful, proficient and immensely talented. While the gallery continues to add new artists to its stable, many of the artists have been in association with the gallery since its beginning where loyalty continues to last and flourish.

One such artist is the regional painter, Bill Braun. Mr. Braun's Trompe l'Oeil paintings are amazing feats of hyperrealism that have been a constant source of conversation and amazement in the gallery for many years. Many bets for dinner have been lost at the gallery's window on a warm evening or a rainy afternoon as a gallery regular sucks in an unknowing victim. Braun's paintings of crinkled brown craft paper, with the illusion of brightly colored construction paper stapled and taped to it in shapes of flowers, crows and a variety of pedestrian images suitable for any third grade classroom wall project, it leaves no impression as to what it is other than just that. Shadows, wrinkles and a precise technical ability with paint leave the new and sometimes even experienced viewer to believe that they are looking at a three dimensional paper construction and not a painting. Your eyes see believable three dimension without fault and your mind agrees…. of course it is a child's construction project, why would you paint
it? Trompe l'Oeil at its very very best.

Quality, playfulness and a good sense of value have always been an important aspect of work exhibited in the gallery and each artist that is represented has their own quality that we believe in.

Come visit the Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery, it is a friendly and unimposing gallery of contemporary artwork and a must see while shopping for art in the Seattle area. Come in and let us meet your needs while making new friends.

Laurent Schkolnyk
Hommage to Matisse
11.75 x 9.25 Inches  Limited Edition Original Print - Mezzotint
$ 1000 US