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Charlie Barr
Charlie Barr - New Paintings
Charlie Barr
February 10, 2010 - March 7, 2010
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

     Charlie Barr is a Seattle based artist with long ties to the northwest. A Gonzaga graduate, he works with oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas and an interesting mixed media approach of
acrylic and cement on board.

His paintings are meant to set a mood or evoke emotion. The paintings rarely reflect social statements and any social interpretation should be subtle at best. He appreciates the timelessness tradition of oil as a painting medium as it is a welcome departure from the technology that has become a part of our daily lives.

His stated goal is to create pieces ranging from representational to abstract with a focus on color, contrast, and balance.

"I do not want the quality of the painting to diminish whether viewed from ten feet or eight inches. I believe it is crucial to use texture and creative brush techniques to hold a viewers attention up close. It is also necessary to have a strong composition to hold the viewers interest at a greater distance. Every inch of the canvas should have movement without sacrificing the overall composition. I enjoy working with oil because of the depth and texture that can be achieved. People continually want to reach out and feel the canvas."