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Ray Pelley 3-D
Ray Pelley - "Color Studies in the Third Dimension"
Ray Pelley
February 8, 2012 - March 11, 2012
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

   These paintings were created using the newest, most versatile 3D image method available.  Unlike traditional 3D processes which require 2 images,
ChromaDepth(TM) images are created from a single image through the use of binary optics and color.

Traditionally, you see an image in 3D when your left and right eyes see slightly different images (called a stereo pair).  This is accomplished when two images are viewed through either anaglyph lenses (remember those red and blue glasses?), a stereo viewer which presents a separate image to each eye (like those antique stereopticans or View Master(TM) reels) or through polarized lenses (like in today's 3D movies).  Another, more modern method is referred to as the Magic Eye(TM), which is a computer generated image that creates a 3D illusion when viewed with the eyes slightly crossed (difficult to impossible for many people!).  All of these methods required 2 images, usually superimposed on each other.  This resulted in a blurry, mostly unreadable image when viewed without either glasses or stressful eye strain.

The ChromaDepth(TM) patented process incorporates a high precision system of micro-optics which creates a stereo pair from a SINGLE image.  This process pulls forward the color red to the foreground and sorts the remaining colors according to their position on the rainbow.  Thus the artist can created a true stereoscopic illusion without compromising the image quality of the painting when viewed without glasses.


I have been fascinated by 3 Dimensional imagery since I first experienced those red and blue comic book images in my youth.  I have created red/blue 3D drawings as well as stereoptic images using photography.  But I am most intrigued by this new method because it allows for the creation of a painting that is uncompromised when not using the glasses.  The paintings stand alone, without the use of lenses or the need for going cross eyed when viewing.  The paintings presented here are a few of my experiments with this new method for the generation of 3 Dimensional images.  Thanks and Enjoy!