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The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss
The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss "NEW RELEASE" at pre-publication pricing. Click here and then on the link following.
Dr. Seuss


Click here to see the newest Secret Art Release:

Thank you to those of you that watched the Pre-Release video on Thursday with Bob Chase. If you missed it, you can still revisit the video and order a print at the pre-release price. It is going to a great selling print and you have until October 18th to order.

Our YouTube event last Spring with "Soar to High Heights" by Dr. Seuss was the most successful release of The Art of Dr. Seuss Collection in its history and our Zoom events have been awesome! This video is informative and interesting as well.

Whether a Dr. Seuss fan at this time or not, we are very pleased to give you early access to the new Secret Art release from The Art of Dr. Seuss Collection. We have been waiting a year for this new Secret Art release and I assure you it will be spectacular and well worth you taking time to participate in this early, pre-release opportunity. It doesn't cost anything to watch!

The pre-release price will only be good until October 18th, so if it is appealing to you, don't hesitate to order it online from my link.  

As always, we appreciate your business and your time to explore new works with us.

Enjoy and thanks again for supporting the Art of Dr. Seuss!