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The Art of Dr. Seuss
Washington State's Exclusive Dealer for the Art of Dr. Seuss
Dr. Seuss
On Going Exhibit -

   As the only dealer in Washington State to represent the Art of Dr. Seuss, we are pleased to offer his prints, sculpture and taxidermy 7 days a week and 12 months a year. Please keep your eyes open for Special Traveling Exhibitions that we host from time to time.

Go online to view the complete Art of Dr. Seuss Collection:

  For over 60 years, Dr. Seuss's illustrations have brought a visual realization to his
Fantastic and imaginary worlds. Explore and acquire works from Dr. Seuss's best-known children's books, as well as The Art of Dr. Seuss, a mind expanding collection based on decades of artwork, which Dr. Seuss created at night for his own personal pleasure.

  Please come out and join us for an always fun exhibit.

  And as what has become the New Normal, we must require face masks and only a maximum of eight guests in attendance at any one time. We are sanitized and have circulating air filters working hard!

  Not so bad, so come out and visit us soon!

Flower Fish
24 x 36 Inches  Serigraph on Canvas
The Stag at Eve
36 x 24 Inches  Serigraph on Board
After Dark in the Park
36 x 24 Inches  Pigment Print Mixed Media on Canvas
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish - 60th Anniversary
29 x 23 Inches  Pigment Print on Paper
I Wonder Where My Emma is Tonight?
35.75 x 25 Inches  Pigment Print Mixed Media on Canvas
Antlered Animal Adoring Pink-Tufted Small Beast
36 x 25 Inches  Pigment Print Mixed Media on Canvas
That Rather Odd Myopic Woman Riding Piggyback on One of Helen's Many Cats
34 x 16.5 Inches  Serigraph on Paper
Relaxed in Spite of It
30 x 49 Inches  Serigraph on Paper
A Man who made an Unwise Purchase
36 x 27 Inches  Serigraph on Canvas
Cat in Obsolete Shower Bath
36 x 28 Inches  Pigment Print Mixed Media on Canvas
Love and Music
36 x 28.25 Inches  Mixed Media on Canvas
Chase in the Forest
36 x 26.5 Inches  Pigment Print Mixed Media on Canvas
Soar to High Heights
25 x 36 Inches  Pigment Print on Paper
We Looked! Then we Saw Him Step in on the Mat - Single
11 x 17 Inches  Serigraph on Paper
The Cat that Changed the World
53 x 42 Inches  Pigment Print on Paper
Yawning Cat
17 x 52.5 Inches  Pigment Print on Paper
And then who should come up but the CAT IN THE HAT!
13.75 x 20.5 Inches  Pigment Print on Paper
Cat in the Hat 60th Anniversary
29 x 25 Inches  Pigment Print on Paper
Just North of Who-Ville
36 x 31.75 Inches  Pigment Print on Paper
Turtle Tower
24 x 14 Inches  Lithograph on Paper
Green Eggs and Ham - Inside Cover - Sold Out
14 x 12 Inches  Lithograph on Paper
Black Fish...Blue Fish...Old Fish...New Fish
9 x 12 Inches  Limited Edition Reproduction
On the Far Away Island of Salamasond, Yertle the Turtle was King of the Pond
9 x 12 Inches  Limited Edition Reproduction
If Santa Could do it, then so could the Grinch
11 x 14.75 Inches  Lithograph on Paper
Stars Upon Thars - Diptcyh
21.25 x 39.5 Inches  Pigment Print on Paper
Would you? Could you" In a Car?
14 x 17 Inches  Serigraph on Paper
Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?
14.25 x 17 Inches  Pigment Print on Paper
Out of the Box Came Thing Two and Thing One - Triptych
14.75 x 48.75 Inches  Pigment Print on Paper
Do you Like Green Eggs and Ham? Diptych
14 x 32.5 Inches  Pigment Print on Paper
Knox in box. Fox in socks.
14 x 11 Inches  Pigment Print on Paper
Cat in the Hat - Sold Out
15 x 7.5 x 12 Inches  Bronze
Green Eggs and Ham Maquette
20.5 x 9 x 8 Inches  Bronze
Semi Normal Green Lidded Fawn
23 x 30 x 28 Inches  Sculpture
The Art of Dr Seuss Collection