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Open in Kirkland
Opening our Kirkland location - "la Petite Galerie" with Svetlana Shalygina and Lawrence McLaughlin
Lawrence McLaughlin
Saturday November 9th - Wednesday November 20th
No Reception

    We have finally completed the move from Bellevue to Kirkland and our new home at "la Petite Galerie".

After 11 years away from Kirkland, we are happy to be back and settling in to our new and very small space, but I believe you will find it cozy and inviting nestled in the Marina District on Kirkland Avenue with a tree lined street, and westerly sunsets over the lake. Good things continue to come in small packages!
We are pleased to open for a short period with the works by a gallery favorite, Svetlana Shalygina. We always enjoy exhibiting Shalygina's work and pairing her with International sculptor, Larry McLaughlin.

The foundation of Svetlana's unique style is the poetry and beauty she treasured as a child, and the love she still feels for her Homeland. The core of her creative expression is both personal and nostalgic—to the point she was originally reluctant to share her vision openly with others. Her maturing style has been strongly influenced by her love of nature and her interest in human behavior and emotion. Several years ago, Svetlana's intriguing and sophisticated body of work was discovered by an accomplished fellow artist and art collector who encouraged her to expand her palette and unveil her creative vision to the world.

McLaughlin's sculpture, prints and paintings have been featured in solo and group shows in France, Germany, London, Switzerland and in North American cities, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Bellevue / Kirkland, Portland, Denver, Phoenix and others. His sculpture is noted for its fluid motion and humorous and dynamic configurations. McLaughlin sculpts in concrete, bronze, aluminum and glass.  

Come by and see us and our new location and keep your eyes open for our two day Open House and Special Traveling Exhibit of "The Cat Behind the Hat" and the Art of Dr. Seuss November 23rd and 24th.


Lawrence McLaughlin
18 x 3 x 2 Inches  Mixed Media - Concrete, Glass and Steel
$ 1600 US
Lawrence McLaughlin
la figure avec le coeur chaud
38 x 6 x 3 Inches  Mixed Media - Concrete, Glass and Steel
$ 3800 US
Lawrence McLaughlin
la figure féminine
27 x 6 x 3 Inches  Bronze
$ 4500 US
Lawrence McLaughlin
23 x 6 x 6 Inches  Bronze
$ 3400 US