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Group Exhibit
Group Exhibit - Cuong Gorg Hara Katz Kissmer Ross
Le Thiet Cuong
April 12, 2006 - May 7, 2006
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Group exhibits are often significant on how the work shown relates to each other. Imagery, theme, statement, color or a variety of reasons can create an interesting and thoughtful group exhibit. This month's group exhibit however has only slim ties to each other and the purpose wasn't specifically thoughtful towards any similarities at all.

April's exhibit is really an extension of March's Thom Ross show as a way to offer his unique historically accurate wild west paintings for another month. The work is too good not to be seen by more patrons.

The additional works shown are all inventory works owned by the gallery and rarely get seen.

Le Thiet Cuong resides in Vietnam and has never had a show in the USA, but his abstract rice bowls and chopsticks have been a favorite subject matter in Asia and Europe. The sophistication of his abstract impressionism are very memorable and well done.

Jurgen Gorg is a German printmaker and painter who has been shown by the gallery 20 years and our inventory of his etchings is healthy. His work is done both in etching and lithography with the subject matter relating to dance, music and beautiful women in movement and pose.

Yoko Hara is a young Japanese printmaker living in Japan who produces interesting, loose and colorful abstract etchings and has been with the gallery for 6 years.

Noe Katz has been a friend of the gallery for 20 years and while we have brokered his prints and paintings in the past we never have included him in a show. He is one of Mexico's most important living painters and sculptors and has a very strong International reputation. These four pastels are a treat and worth taking a look at.

Willi Kissmer is a friend of Jurgen Gorg also living in Germany  creates amazing realistic and stylized women draped and undraped in shear fabric all done by the copper plate etching process.

Le Thiet Cuong
Rice Bowls
51 x 61 Inches  Oil on Linen
$ 12000 USD