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Pausing for Remembrances
Mike Smith - New Paintings
Mike Smith
April 10, 2013 - May 5, 2013
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.


Northwest painter Mike Smith has tried to abandon any "school" of painting and  uses an autobiographical approach. His subjects are mostly found in his backyard  or around the neighborhood in which he lives. His dogs, the cat, his rowboat,  and ducks in his pond, are all included in the bright oils and watercolors of  his


Smith says, "People always want to know the meaning of my work and where I get  my ideas from.  My work is simply about the people and places and animals I  love. Images, unlike the written word, do not dictate to you. After 40 years of  painting almost every day, it has become my world." It is fun-filled, colorful,  and full of life.

Over the years, Smith has had more than 80 one-man  shows.


Waiting by the Lake
32 x 40 Inches  Watercolour on Paper
$ 5025 US
Early Morning Snow
29 x 32 Inches  Watercolour on Paper
$ 3995 US
Silver Trees
36 x 36 Inches  Oil on Linen
$ 6200 US
Spot and Yellow Horse
30 x 30 Inches  Oil on Linen
$ 4800 US
Snow Horse
30 x 40 Inches  Oil on Linen
The Hidden Pond
20 x 20 Inches  Watercolour on Paper
Maddie and the Pumpkins
20 x 24 Inches  Watercolour on Paper
Toby and the Yellow House
30 x 30 Inches  Watercolour on Paper