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Group Exhibit
Group Exhibit of Gallery Artists
Kathleen Hooks
July 5, 2009 - August 9, 2009
6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

       This exhibit is a review of selected works by the artists that we have shown over the past 6 months. While we have regular patrons and gallery regulars, not everyone has the chance to come each and every month.

We are also introducing some new work by Northwest painter, Ricco DiStefano.
These newest works are from the artist's Shadow Man Series.

"The shadowman is not intended as a literal image, but rather a reflection or the shadow of one's spirit. I was born into a family of artists, both visual and musical. As an artistic child, boredom was a foreign concept to me. My passion is to take the moments that happen in my mind and share them with the world. In doing so, I hope to provoke thought or inspiration, or just a momentary escape for the viewer. I feel stronger than ever that as William Shakespeare wrote in Macbeth "Life's but a walking shadow." We can only experience life, moments at a time. We cannot control time, and it stops for no one. As an artist, I try to leave my personal stamp on this temporary world, hopefully giving something beautiful as a gift for those who follow."

This exhibit will allow a discovery for some and remembrance for others. Enjoy!
Kathleen Hooks
Radiant Sky
11 x 14 Inches  Oil on Canvas
Kathleen Hooks
Morning Chill
15 x 30 Inches  Oil on Canvas
$ 2750 US
Kathleen Hooks
Reluctant Dawn
16 x 20 Inches  Oil on Canvas
$ 2200 US