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Landscapes and Beyond
Holly Ballard Martz and Kathleen Hooks - New Paintings
Kathleen Hooks
November 10, 2004 - December 5, 2004
6:00 - 9:00
Landscapes and Beyond takes you east of the mountains and beyond through a visual and lyrical adventure.

Holly Ballard Martz takes a lyrical approach to landscapes and structures demanding the viewer to participate with thoughtful prose and lyrical collage. She takes you on a pleasurable trip of twine collecting crows,  mathmatical equations and spontaneous verbage intriguing you with each question mark.

Kathleen Hooks' moody and timeless landscapes are rich with Eastern Washington's sprawling territory and lazy rivers. Big skys, late August afternoons and golden reflections of a setting sun at dusk are all captured by the sensitve hand of Kathleen Hooks.