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The Bold and Beautiful
Brad Caplis and Rich Klopfer "The Bold and Beautiful"
Brad Caplis
March 13, 2005 - May 8, 2005
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
The "Bold and Beautiful" is a comparative exhibition of paintings by two Northwest painters, Brad Caplis and Rich Klopfer. Their work is bold and bright, but each with a different approach to the landscape and playful imagery, bridging Impressionism and Fauvism.

Caplis, a native of Michigan uses this exhibit as brief remembrances of his childhood and the now his maturity into adulthood. Growing up in rural Michigan, Caplis was always in or around the woods. There he enjoyed family picnics by the lake and learned to be sympathetic to nature and its creatures.  

Before adolescence He was often sick with flu and high fevers which invariably let to hallucinations, some of which were terrifying and quite bizarre. There were times when he would lash out at them or run around the house in hopes of escaping. His mother would let him stay in his brotherís room during these episodes. It seemed to make him feel safer.

In his brotherís room, along with all the cool stuff an older brother has, was a vintage 1940ís radio. As he lay in bed in a delusional state, he would watch the radio rise up or grow and become speaking. Its voice (he assumed it was Godís voice) would announce all kinds of catastrophe and miracles alike. Sometimes a crackling panicked voice like that of an on the street reporter and other times a booming great almighty voice from above, the radio belted out cryptic messages and spectacular occurrences. It was entirely hypnotic and at the time, he believed to be the most important discovery of his young life.

Age, maturity and better health eased the delusions and his education at the University of Virginia transformed much of these images of the past into whimsical and playful paintings. The new work by Caplis transforms some of his childhood fantasies into mature fantasies bridging a generational gap. No longer do the flying saucers dot the horizon, but mermaids now share wine and conversation with an adult Caplis.

Rich Klopfer was born in Los Angeles and studied painting with his father, a professional painter and sculptor for more than 50 years. He now lives in the fertile Willamette Valley of Oregon were much of his subject matter is derived from.

Klopferís work has a strong foundation in Fauvist painting and for many years he has shown Fauvist Landscapes with painting partner Trim Bissell. Their exploration of fauvist technique and constant evaluation of each otherís work was instrumental in Klopferís development as a painter. With Bissellís passing two years ago, Klopfer continues to explore and paint feverishly with fond memories of his longtime friend, historic activist Trim Bissell.  
Brad Caplis
Sharing in your good fortune
36 x 48 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas