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"Visitors" Held Over Works by Brad Caplis
Brad Caplis "Visitors" Held Over Works
Brad Caplis
Wednesday June 12, 2019 - Saturday July 6, 2019
6:00 - 8:00

Even with many sales for Bradley Caplis' exhibit "Visitors" there are still several very nice works available and we are pleased to be able to offer them to you for another month in our Mall Window Gallery.
If you missed this exhibit, it one of the best showings that we have had with Bradley and all of his works this year are great.

A lot can be said about an individual who embraces the challenge of being  an artist turned gallery owner, turned artist again. The world of art  is fickle, subjective and rarely synchronized with business acumen, but  when an artist temps fate and immerses themselves into the business of  art, combining their creativity and collecting all the knowledge  necessary to run a small business successfully when they decide to exit,  they do it with a clarity not realized before. They are not only a  better artist at understanding the collector or the pedestrian public,  but also better at the business of art. Shannon Rasor and Bradley Caplis  have done just that and success abounds.  



Caplis,  a native of Michigan uses remembrances of his childhood as a source of  inspiration for his paintings. Growing up in rural Michigan, he was  always in or around the woods. There he dreamed of spotting flying  saucers in a patch of sky just above the pine trees, or stumbling upon a  clearing to witness some kind of bucolic supernatural ceremony. He  never did witness such events however, but was always on the lookout for  the extraordinary in nature.



As  his paintings continued, images began to surface that best represented  these more mystical yearnings. Before adolescence He was often sick with  flu and high fevers which invariably let to hallucinations, some of  which were terrifying and quite bizarre. There were times when he would  lash out at them or run around the house in hopes of escaping. His  mother would let him stay in his brother's room during these episodes.  It seemed to make him feel safer.



In  his brother's room, along with all the cool stuff an older brother has,  was a vintage 1940's radio. As he lay in bed in a delusional state, he  would watch the radio rise up or grow and become speaking. It's voice  (he assumed it was God's voice) would announce all kinds of catastrophe  and miracles alike. Sometimes a crackling panicked voice like that of an  on the street reporter and other times a booming great almighty voice  from above, the radio belted out cryptic messages and spectacular  occurrences. It was entirely hypnotic and at the time, he believed to be  the most important discovery of his young life.



Age,  maturity and better health eased the delusions and his education at the  University of Virginia transformed many of these images of the past  into whimsical and playful paintings of landscapes, seascapes and  timeless memorabilia.


  Brad Caplis currently resides with his wife in the Pacific Northwest where he continues to pursue his painting.      

Favorite Things
30 x 30 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 3200 US
Highway Revisited
30 x 15 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 2500 US
A Tree's View
36 x 36 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 4500 US
Full Moon Visit
24 x 18 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 1975 US
Road Trip Ready
14 x 11 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 995 US
The Good Life
24 x 36 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 3300 US
Song and Dance
36 x 48 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 6150 US
Higher Frequency
36 x 24 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 3300 US
A View for Two
36 x 48 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 6500 US
Dropping In
40 x 30 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas