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Caution! Curves Ahead!
"Caution! Curves Ahead" Figurative works by various artists
Kevin Pettelle
Thursday February 1, 2024 - Sunday March 10, 2024
No Reception Planned - Open until 6:00 pm

            Cocteau Gorg Kissmer Latremouille McLaughlin Pettelle Schlatter

Our exhibit this month is a result of winter storms, icy roads and the wind blowing down the Gorge into Portland creating an impossible pick up of our scheduled exhibit in a safe manner.

Not to fear! We have put together an interesting and provocative exhibit, despite the challenges with the weather of gallery inventory, some exhibited in the past and some never before seen.

"Caution! Curves Ahead" is a diverse and engaging showcase of figurative works, from our Canadian painters ranging from the expressive nudes of Dieter Schlatter (1958-2020) and the sensuous and storied paintings by Lori-ann Latremouille.

The inclusion of additional international artists such as Lawrence McLaughlin (France) Jurgen Gorg and Willi Kissmer (Deutschland) along with Sculptures by Gesso Cocteau (American) and  Kevin Pettelle's bronze sculpture "Temple," adds a global perspective to the exhibition.

While all the exhibited works are tasteful and art gallery appropriate, it's worthy to note that we have offered a thoughtful posting in consideration for visitors, especially those exploring our adjacent gallery representing the Art of Dr. Seuss.

A Parental Advisory notice in front shows our commitment to creating a comfortable and age-appropriate environment for all attendees.

We hope you will enjoy this spontaneous exhibit, drawing in art enthusiasts of all ages to appreciate the diverse and captivating works on display.


Kevin Pettelle
Temple - Large
44 x 26 x 26 Inches  Bronze
$ 42000 USD
Kevin Pettelle
Neck Fragment
8 x 3 x 4 Inches  Bronze