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Street Closed - Interruptions - Part II
Interruptions - Part II "Glass Animals" by Brad Caplis
Brad Caplis   
Thursday May 2, 2024 - Sunday June 9, 2024
No Reception Scheduled

      Dear valued patrons and supporters of La Petite Galerie and Gunnar Nordstrom Fine Arts,

As we continue with our street closure and fenced sidewalks into the second month, we wanted to reach out and update you on some important changes that might affect your visits to our gallery, especially regarding our ongoing exhibits "Interruptions - Part I and Interruptions Part II".

The City of Kirkland is currently undertaking substantial renovations at the intersection of Lake Street and Kirkland Avenue, aiming to enhance pedestrian safety and accessibility. Among these improvements, a Pedestrian Scramble will be implemented. While we're enthusiastic about the long-term benefits this will bring to our downtown area, we understand the inconveniences it may pose to both our business and our patrons during construction.

Throughout the two-month closure of the intersection, all traffic will be redirected around the business district, and accessing parking and loading areas will be challenging. We acknowledge that this might discourage some of our valued customers from visiting, particularly during our scheduled Solo Artist Exhibitions.

In light of these circumstances, we've decided to postpone any Solo Artist Exhibitions scheduled over the next two months. Instead, for the first month, we showcased gallery-owned inventory, thoughtfully curated to provide an engaging experience for our visitors. These works by McKnight, Delacroix, Gorg, Kissmer, and others will still be available upon request.  

The current segment of "Interruptions - Part II" will feature exciting new works by gallery artist Brad Caplis, alongside some of his earlier pieces. These new works promise to be both entertaining and captivating, making the trip to our gallery well worth it.

"Glass Animals" by Brad Caplis
May 2 to June 9, 2024

This show is a collection of animals participating in the drama of drinking. Using Tom Standage's book "the History of the World in Six Glasses" as inspiration, Caplis has created various scenarios in which the animals alter and advance through the benefits of these beverage cultures. Caplis plays with different dynamics of animals in their cultural hierarchy, suggesting those who imbibe the beverages are the most sophisticated. Just as the book argues that these beverages are key to shaping our culture, establishing dominance, and developing advancements to improve our enjoyment of life. - Cheers!

Despite the construction challenges, we want to assure you that parking will still be available in the Marina Park parking lot, the Library, and south of Anthony's Homeport on Lake Street. These options are just a short walk away from our gallery, and we hope you'll continue to support us during this period.

Our representation of The Art of Dr. Seuss will remain on display as usual, and we'll keep offering new works as they become available. We believe these unique and collectible pieces will provide a delightful experience for visitors of all ages.

We still have on display from "Interruptions - Part I" oils and etchings by Jurgen Gorg, etchings by Willi Kissmer, and bronzes by Kevin Pettelle, along with other intriguing pieces. Additionally, don't forget to explore our drawers filled with unframed artwork, which we're happy to discuss with you.

Expected in a week are new works by our Spanish artist Silmar and fingers crossed - New wire sculpture by Calvin Allison! These are favorites and not to be missed!

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing support as we navigate through these upcoming months. Whether you're visiting to browse our gallery, appreciate the works of Dr. Seuss, or simply soak in the vibrant atmosphere of downtown Kirkland and the Marina District, we eagerly anticipate welcoming you, whether or not you come prepared to make a purchase.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community, and we eagerly await your visit.            

Victory Drink
30 x 24 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 3000 US
No More Sour Grapes
30 x 24 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 3000 US
Pleasure before Business
30 x 24 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 3000 US
Across a Crowded Room Part II
30 x 24 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 3000 US
Across a Crowded Room Part I
30 x 24 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 3000 US
Harmony Theatre Live Broadcast
30 x 20 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 2350 US
Favorite Things
30 x 30 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 3200 US
Highway Revisited
30 x 15 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 2500 US
A Tree's View
36 x 36 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 4500 US
Weekend in the Neighborhood
24 x 24 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 2700 US
Feeling Alpine
30 x 24 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 2850 US
Elements Suite - Enthralled (Earth)
12 x 16 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 1400 US
Elements Suite - Determination (Water)
12 x 16 Inches  Acrylic on Canvas
$ 1400 US
16 x 16 Inches  Acrylic on Paper
$ 1700 US