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Bob Allan
space Nebraska based artist Bob Allan was born and raised in the Midwest, an influence visible in his fearless fusion of industrial materials and in the strong earthen colors of his color palette.

To date, his resume reads merchant seaman, longshoreman, truck driver, photographer for the U.S. Army, art director, film maker, pastor and school teacher.

Due to a recent, since resolved battle with blindness, Bob has a renewed appreciation for his natural talent in the visual arts.His weakened eyesight, rather than burdening the artist, has contributed to the unique, abstracted way in which he views and depicts the world.

Bob’s work exudes physicality.He alternatively excavates and constructs forms to create a complex topography across the surfaces of his works that effectively project light and shadow.His confident and often surprising combinations of various materials, textures, patterns, shapes and colors are reflective of his own fascinating multi-layered biography.

According to Bob, creativity is like a puzzle, the solution to which falls secondary to the means to get there.In his own words, “The act of creativity is much more important than the finished work.”This drives him to believe that many of his paintings are never finished but rather simply await another design intervention.
Bob Allan - Time Is On My Side
"Time Is On My Side"

Bob Allan - An Excellent Adventure
"An Excellent Adventure"

Bob Allan - Crossroads

Bob Allan - Life In The Fast Lane
"Life In The Fast Lane"

Bob Allan - East of  Eden
"East of Eden"

Bob Allan - All Things Must Pass
"All Things Must Pass"

Bob Allan - Timbuktu

Bob Allan - Passages

Bob Allan - Desolation Alley
"Desolation Alley"

Bob Allan - The Searchers
"The Searchers"

Bob Allan - A Light in the Forest
"A Light in the Forest"

Bob Allan - The Message
"The Message"

Bob Allan - Tsunami

Bob Allan - Rules of Engagement
"Rules of Engagement"

Bob Allan - Distant Shore
"Distant Shore"

Bob Allan - Hobart's Circus
"Hobart's Circus"

Bob Allan - Red Dawn
"Red Dawn"

Bob Allan - Requiem

Bob Allan - The Fire Falls
"The Fire Falls"

Bob Allan - New Beginnings
"New Beginnings"

Bob Allan - Eastside II
"Eastside II"

Bob Allan - Standing Room Only
"Standing Room Only"

Bob Allan - Homeland

Bob Allan - Chain Reaction
"Chain Reaction"

Bob Allan - Jay's World
"Jay's World"

Bob Allan - May You Stay Forever Young
"May You Stay Forever Young"

Bob Allan - The Lonely Crowd
"The Lonely Crowd"


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