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Wendy Wees
space Wendy Adrian Wees

Artist Statement

As a book illustrator I visually interpret the words of others. There is a certain limitation to this creative process as I am concerned with the writer's intentions and feelings. The miniature oil paintings tell my own stories. Ideas sometimes come to me fully developed and ready to paint. Other times they weave in and out of my imagination in an exciting transformation. Throughout my career I have been inspired by the great painters of the Symbolist, Surrealist and Magic Realist movements, particularly Remedios Varo, Frida Kahlo and Leonora Carrington.
The still life paintings in this current exhibit are inspired by my childhood passion for collecting tiny wooden toys. I thought it appropriate to paint miniatures of miniatures. Some of the toys I held in the palm of my hand as a toddler; and as I painted this series I found myself talking to and befriending old playmates.
Wendy Wees was born in the Midwest. She attended Webster University where she received her degree in art. After graduation she taught Art at a private school in St. Louis. In 1979 Wendy moved to Seattle where she has pursued her career as a book illustrator and gallery exhibitor.
Wendy Wees - Bird House
"Bird House"

Wendy Wees - Peep Liner
"Peep Liner"

Wendy Wees - Duck of Destiny
"Duck of Destiny"

Wendy Wees - Sand Peeps
"Sand Peeps"

Wendy Wees - Urban Peep
"Urban Peep"

Wendy Wees - Gray Goose
"Gray Goose"

Wendy Wees - Orange Crested House Bird
"Orange Crested House Bird"

Wendy Wees - Golden Eyed Cabana Owl
"Golden Eyed Cabana Owl"

Wendy Wees - Firebird

Wendy Wees - Three Towers
"Three Towers"

Wendy Wees - Autumn Migration
"Autumn Migration"

Wendy Wees - Spotted Brick Back
"Spotted Brick Back"

Wendy Wees - Giraffe Island Rookery
"Giraffe Island Rookery"

Wendy Wees - Urban Crane
"Urban Crane"


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