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Jeffrey and Michael Bisaillon
space Jbis Art is the vision of Jeffrey Bisaillon and his brother Michael Bisaillon. The brothers were born in upstate New York and have lived in various locations such as San Diego, Austin, Raleigh and Jacksonville, FL. They are currently based back in their hometown in New York.

The brothers have been producing art for over 20 years in many genres. Jeffrey has always connected with the abstract and has been painting abstracts for many years. Michael has always connected with symbology and thematic elements in pop art. In 2010 Jeffrey started his “Modern Simplicity Series” which was a total deviation from everything he had done previously. He set out to develop a series that was extremely modern and that he believed was the perfect fusion of art and design. From that series came the “Modern Visage Series” which utilized the idea of the cut out or cut through 3D space of the “Modern Simplicity” combined with homage to iconic people or brands that we all admire and hold deeply. As the brothers worked together on the “Modern Visage Series” ideas began to emerge involving Jeffrey's love of the Abstract and his keen eye towards modern art and design and Michael's love of symbology and the digital art process. Every idea and style of art the brothers have a passion for would come to fruition and pave the way for the creation of the “the POP Collection”

As new technologies emerge and become available artists must utilize them while at the same time respecting the artistic methods of the past. The brothers created a process where acrylic painting on both canvas and hard panel is combined with mixed media, digital photography, graphic design and digital design. Paint must still be flung through the air and drip down the panel and canvas while at the same time incorporating the digital aspects of the artistic form for “the POP Collection” to come together as a whole. This philosophy is the cornerstone of the Bisaillon Brothers artistic endeavors.

“the POP Collection” acts as an intermediary between iconic imagery and culture as the “Modern Visage Series” does but goes back to their roots with the abstract and thematic elements. The digital age is upon us and our art will then reflect this, “the POP Collection” has arrived!

It was 1996 and shortly after the brothers moved into a house in Austin Texas Jeffrey said to Michael “The walls in this house are bare, we should make some art to hang” the rest is history still being made...
Jeffrey and Michael Bisaillon - Rat Pack
"Rat Pack"

Jeffrey and Michael Bisaillon - Meet the Beatles
"Meet the Beatles"

Jeffrey and Michael Bisaillon - Benjamins

Jeffrey and Michael Bisaillon - The King of Cool
"The King of Cool"


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