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Kathleen Hooks
space Kathleen Hooks resides in Yakima and paints moody, lush and romantic landscapes not only reminiscent of Eastern Washington, but also of the lush and deserted land found west of the mountains.

She resides with her husband and 2 children in the rural farmland east of Pasco, Washington. In 1996, after a lifelong interest in pursuing a career in art, Kathleen built a studio next to their home. With her husband's encouragement and construction complete, she studied artist's techniques and made a commitment to painting full-time. After studying and painting in watercolor nearly every day for one year, Kathleen entered her first national art show and won an honorable mention. By the end of the year 2002, she had work included in 30 national juried shows, had won 8 awards, and earned signature status in both the Northwest Watercolor Society and the Eastern Washington Watercolor Society. One of her watercolor paintings was also published in Splash 6, The Magic of Texture by Northlight Books.

In the fall of 2001, wanting to continue learning and growing as an artist, Kathleen began working in oils as well. She traveled and painted the rural landscapes of Eastern Washington. Since that time, one of Kathleen's oil paintings was chosen to be included in the Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibition taking place in Taos, New Mexico - May 2003.
Kathleen Hooks - Radiant  Sky
"Radiant Sky"

Kathleen Hooks - First Days of Autumn
"First Days of Autumn"

Kathleen Hooks - Partial Clearing
"Partial Clearing"

Kathleen Hooks - Awaking Valley
"Awaking Valley"

Kathleen Hooks - Breeze

Kathleen Hooks - Calm Reflections
"Calm Reflections"

Kathleen Hooks - Colors of the Morning
"Colors of the Morning"

Kathleen Hooks - Fleeting Moment
"Fleeting Moment"

Kathleen Hooks - Clouds over the Marsh
"Clouds over the Marsh"

Kathleen Hooks - Stretch of Beach
"Stretch of Beach"

Kathleen Hooks - Quick Shower
"Quick Shower"

Kathleen Hooks - Looking West
"Looking West"

Kathleen Hooks - Morning

Kathleen Hooks - Reflection

Kathleen Hooks - Morning Comes to the Valley
"Morning Comes to the Valley"

Kathleen Hooks - Passing Storm
"Passing Storm"

Kathleen Hooks - Slow Evening
"Slow Evening"

Kathleen Hooks - Tranquil Morning
"Tranquil Morning"

Kathleen Hooks - Windswept Clouds
"Windswept Clouds"

Kathleen Hooks - Warm Evening
"Warm Evening"

Kathleen Hooks - Sunset on the Hills
"Sunset on the Hills"

Kathleen Hooks - Morning Chill
"Morning Chill"

Kathleen Hooks - Stormy Hour
"Stormy Hour"

Kathleen Hooks - Reluctant Dawn
"Reluctant Dawn"

Kathleen Hooks - Tree by Pond
"Tree by Pond"

Kathleen Hooks - Low Cloud
"Low Cloud"

Kathleen Hooks - Pleasing Rest
"Pleasing Rest"

Kathleen Hooks - Smoldering Sky
"Smoldering Sky"

Kathleen Hooks - Rosy Dawn
"Rosy Dawn"

Kathleen Hooks - Evening Sun
"Evening Sun"


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