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Markus Pierson
Markus Pierson - Prints - Gallery II
Markus Pierson
Wednesday April 11, 2018 - Saturday July 7, 2018
6:00 - 8:00

      We are pleased to offer a variety of prints by Midwest artist Markus Pierson.
Pierson created his iconic brand and painting style, "The Coyote Series" back in 1986 after he heard the Joni  Mitchell song, "Coyote." He loved it,  played it often and memorized  the words. The focus of the song, a guy referred  to as "Coyote," is a  reckless, footloose Casanova type fellow Pierson aspired  to be the  carefree romancer described in those lyrics. Then he did something  he'd  never done before or since: Markus made a drawing of a song. Since then he has created  and sold over 1000 paintings, 200 sculpture & print editions, and  created a body of found object sculptures.

"There's no doubt in my mind  that my success has more to do with  luck than talent, more to do with  stubbornness than vision, more to do  with ignorance than insight, but the fact  remains that I pursued my  dream and attained it against staggering odds. I say  this now to anyone  who will listen: even if I had failed, it would have been  worth it.  Better to face a brutal truth than to grow old wondering what might   have been." Markus Pierson

Tin Cup
56.75 x 31 Inches  Limited Edition Serigraph with Hand Painting on Canvas
$ 8950 US
O'Keefe "Art History Suite"
17 x 15.5 Inches  Limited Edition Serigraph on Canvas
$ 850 US
Salvador Dali "Art History Suite"
17 x 16 Inches  Limited Edition Serigraph with Hand Painting on Canvas
$ 850 US
Wheels of Life
38.5 x 31 Inches  Limited Edition Serigraph on Board
$ 3295 US
Generous of Spirit
37 x 37 Inches  Pigment Print Mixed Media on Canvas
Willy Billy
31 x 46 Inches  Limited Edition Serigraph on Canvas
Rene Magritte "Art History Suite"
28 x 25 Inches  Limited Edition Serigraph on Paper
Sweet Intoxication
37 x 37 Inches  Limited Edition Serigraph on Canvas
$ 9995 US
The Denial
33 x 11 x 18 Inches  Hand-Painted Cast Resin
The Picador - Homage to Botero 2004
34 x 11 x 21 Inches  Hand-Painted Cast Resin