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Markus Pierson
Artist: Markus Pierson, Title: Tin Cup - click for larger image
Tin Cup
56.75 x 31 Inches  Limited Edition Serigraph with Hand Painting on Canvas  $8950 Framed
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51.75" x 26" Tin Cup The Story Behind the Image “A tin cup or a gilded goblet, a hut or a castle, wobbly bicycles or a Bentley; to wherever and by whatever means, my love, our journey is splendid, our cup is full.” A tin cup can’t help but conjure up another time…a decade defined by hardship. This icon of the Great Depression has been part of our collective conscience for 75 years. Our Coyote lovers cling to each other as they freely toss the frills of their dreams into a tin cup. Together they portray what it means to truly love one another and, therefore, express the values to hold dear in relationships.